Tencent and the justice system of China

Mortality gave a comment here about Tencent and justice system:

I was alerted by this shocking news event yesterday. Since then, I've tracked down the whole websphere for opinions, progresses and more importantly, "the plot" behind the scene. My gut feeling cued me that it is in no way an ordinary case, at least not what that hackneyed official report was trying to sell, unfortunately though, all the caddish sputa flooding around obscures the underneath truth.

I've kept silent for years when it comes to what's wrong with China's IT industry. My diagnose for her was stage-3 proliferated cancer. In short, wordless. I feel inarticulately exhausted even just apathetically watching her deteriorated. But this time, I was irritated so much that I ran out of excuses to overlook this tragedy.

All species that survived China's brainwashing journalism should be able to iterate the truthphobic dynasty's censorship, and 3721's tyrannical gang, and Baidu's shameless doggery, and Shanda's justified greediness. But can you tell the legit from the criminal this time?

After analyzing this case with all my knowledge covering IT, domestic law, business, and what things typically goes very wrong when it comes to china, finally the no.1 candidate for the next entry on my "List of Honor" would be -- Tencent.

With unprecedented competence of all its forerunners, you may already smell out Tencent's restless greediness outperforming even the worst capitalist ever depicted in history. You may already tell Tencent's reckless illegality through its notorious gambling-alike online service, the one mercilessly addicting unsophisticated subscribers, with victims mainly adolescents. You may probably already heard that appalling job-hopping event in which Huayi lost its complete R&D department and later found them untouched in Tencent’s newly founded online gaming unit.

Albeit those taints can be literally justified as "doing its duty in business", this legal case however, surprised me badly because it just went so wrong, and broke what generally regards as bottom-line far too much, showing Tencent's undisguised brutality that could never be rationalize in a humane way.

Again, we here are living in a tumultuous time where “truth” can be arbitrarily portray by those standing close to the authorities, and civilians’ justice can be raped heartlessly without any fear of public condemn. To make things worse, those paid “authors” (also called Gunman in Chinese) can write there opinions to brainwash poorly unsophisticated mass audience to “choose to believe” what is right from wrong. And it works! How amazing is that, in a country like this that unsophisticated civilians and corrupted journalism get into a perfect pair, and those greedy capitalists and corrupted justice system can serve more hilarious party-time now.

As unlikely as we see it, such tendency finally culminates in this legal case.

Although I still think it’s way too early to prove it as a collusion between Tencent and shenzhen justice department, it at least isn’t convincing enough to detain a software developer with such lame evidence. What amuse me deeply is that such efficient manhunt happened on an eggheaded teacher while ShenZhen’s local crime rate has been deteriorated for years. People have been assailing the diligence of local police ever since, but all the pressure only turned out to be more CCP meetings , and meetings after meetings nothing changed for better, yet more civilians to be murdered or head-hammered on street. The argument should get to an end now since it’s so obvious: of course those officers have been busy! They are busy pursuing guys like Cheng who does no harm to the society! The police station is there doesn’t necessarily mean it has to protect civilians, in ShenZhen’case, it protects business magnates, not civilians. What a story! Oh … and don’t get me started on that “official video” made by illiberal cripples. It’s such a miserable failure even in the sense of hypocrisy.

As we all have lost our hope for Chinese justice system throughout these years, we still cannot accustom ourselves to such an abuse of our faith upon justice. And it concludes a one-direction trend: Today it’s Cheng, tomorrow it might be you and me.

You have a voice, we all have voices. We just need to let our voices be heard, to show the world that WE CARE! To show those thugs in uniforms that WE CAN CHOOSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes I know it’s a tough way, we are trained to keep our mouth shut and act pretentiously in this “harmonious society”. But letting an innocent civilian ti be accountable for all the flows in legal system seems just too wrong. If there are flows in justice, at least give each side equal legal power for a fight. If there are flows in our society that justice can never be served, sue Tencent in Hongkong for its misconduct since it’s a HK listed public company! It’s never enough to just let unsophisticated people know what’s going on, we need a fulfilling unity that can bring power into this legal cases, we shall expect donations, we shall call for capable lawyers, we shall bring in unprejudiced media to let our voices be heard. But just as always, none of these prerequisites can possibly be meet in the near future without miracles.