Myspace China and MSN China, Now It is Official


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via China Web2.0 Review by Tangos on Jul 16, 2007

Myspace_MSNTen days ago, we reported a rumor that Myspace China will merge with MSN Live Space China, Luo Chuan denied the rumor soon. Now, it is official that Myspace China partners with MSN China to provide services to MSN China's users.

MSN China takes outsourcing strategy to build its Chinese portal, it cooperates with dozens of partners to provide various content and services to its users. Content and service providers have to pay for several millions Yuan a year to be a partner. However, because of MSN's heavy traffic and extensive user base among Chinese white collar, they still regard MSN China as an effective way to quickly expand their user base.

Myspace China is the new service provider of community channel of MSN China, previous partners of community channel are Mop (2005) and Qihoo (2006).




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